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A living culture

A warm welcome the digital territory of the Kawésqar Community.  From the end of the world, we want to invite you to explore the life of our living culture: through real people, authentic stories, laborious traditions and landscapes, that through orality the ancients Kawésqar navigate in time to be present today and share this space with you.

Culture and heritage

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As a Foundation, our objective is to contribute to the development of a more inclusive and respectful society for indigenous communities, by carrying out activities and/or programs to the rescue, safeguarding and visibility of culture and heritageliving or immaterial, and the tangible and natural heritage of the old and new Kawésqar.  Therefore Our work is concentrated in three main areas of action:




Our objective is to contribute with methodologies, materials and activities that help arouse interest in Families, especially boys and girls who want to know the Kawésqar culture. 

Making students, teachers, institutions or organizations dedicated to intercultural, scientific or traditional education participate in this cultural process.

Our objective is to improve the quality of life of the communities, contributing to the socioeconomic development led particularly by Women, who are mothers and the cultural engine of ancestral traditions such as: crafts, fishing and gathering of products, navigation... in such a way that they are integrated sustainably into fair and dignified business chains.

Our objective is to participate actively and collectively in the most diverse instances of civil society, always contributing a constructive and integrating vision, as peoples who come from different cultures, we have elements of different identities and knowledge, which characterize one of the many peoples who we inhabit our country and planet Earth.

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Pueblo Kawésqar Foundation

He participates in various initiatives dedicated to the dissemination of culture, territories and their inhabitants, the development of collective projects and the inclusion of indigenous peoples in Chile and the world. If you want to join and participate in our projects, write to us at

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