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Thank you so much

for supporting us and collaborating with the Foundation

We invite you to learn about our projects and how to collaborate with the development of the Kawésqar culture and heritage in the Magallanes Region

Our Purpose

The Pueblo Kawésqar Foundation with the objective of contributing to the development of a more inclusive and respectful society of indigenous communities and their culture, through activities and/or programs for the rescue, safeguarding and visibility of the culture and living, natural and material heritage that the old and new Kawésqar possess, contributes to the local identity of the inhabitants of the Magallanes Region and the ancestral legacy of the inhabitants of our country.

How to collaborate

And what does your collaboration become?

Niños en el aula

Donations go directly to the operation and maintenance of the foundation and the programs that we are carrying out during this year 2023, especially in:

Intercultural Education

          Developing a special intercultural educational project for 75 children from the We Learn & English Academy program of Puerto Natales schools, together with the Municipal Education Corporation and led by teacher Soraya Azocar.

Designing a training program with workshops for children, youth and teachers, field trips, generating educational material, participating in events and incorporating cultural content into learning English within the educational program.

For more information write to us at

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Vista del casco antiguo

International Exhibition

          In association with the Chilean Embassy in Switzerland and the Anthropological Museum of the University of Zürich, the first International Exhibition of the Kawésqar People Foundation will be held during July and August, with the aim of making visible the cultural rescue and living presence of the material and immaterial heritage of the original people. Designing an interactive 360° exhibition for the virtual visit and in person, workshops and talks, activities for children and a tour will be held where different exponents of traditional culture will participate.

We are bringing culture to Chileans who live outside our borders and bringing the Kawésqar ancestral heritage closer through events that promote meeting, dialogue and reconciliation between  people.

For more information write to us at

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Embajada de Chile
en Suiza


A big basket

          Kawésqar crafts are undoubtedly an ambassador of ancestral culture and therefore the artisans who are producing, cultivating and teaching them to new generations, one of the most important rescues that within the indigenous communities is being developed in the Magallanes Region.

Harvesting is a very important initial activity for Kawésqar artisans, which is why it is supported by field trips, which are key to the continuity of this trade by a group of twelve Kawésqar artisans from Puerto Edén, Puerto Natales, and Punta Arenas.

As well as with the visibility of this ancestral tradition, through face-to-face workshops of weaving in jonquil, dictated by the artisan teachers where everything revolves around the Kawésqar culture and intangible heritage and the intercultural dialogue of its participants.

For more information write to us at

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How to donate here

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Support and collaborate with the Pueblo Kawésqar Foundation


Thank you for helping us develop the Kawésqar culture!

Who can donate?
Companies, independent workers, natural persons, whether Chilean or foreign, non-residents in Chile.

Tax benefits according to Law No. 21,440 of 2022
1.- The donation is exempt from paying donation taxes
2.- The donor has the right to deduct 100% of the amount of the donation as an expense.

For more information write to

Thank you so much

for collaborating with the Pueblo Kawésqar Foundation

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